OTTTD 1.27

Ridiculous, yet captivating tower defense fun

OTTTD is an insanely action-packed tower defense game, that lives up to its abbreviated name, which stands for 'Over The Top Tower Defense'. View full description


  • Over-the-top action
  • Over-the-top graphics
  • Over-the-top sound effects


  • Levels have a tendency to drag on

Very good

OTTTD is an insanely action-packed tower defense game, that lives up to its abbreviated name, which stands for 'Over The Top Tower Defense'.

Tower defense with attitude

We've seen a slew of great tower defense games of the past, such as Plants vs. Zombies, Anomaly, or Bloons TD. As its name suggests OTTTD really takes the genre to the extreme in all senses. So, weapons are bigger and louder, enemies are stranger and meaner, and deaths are more gory than OTTTD's predecessors.

The idea, like your typical tower defense game, is to defend your base from waves of attackers. In the case of OTTTD, the preposterous enemies vary from walking eyeballs with glasses to motorcycling octopuses.

You need to construct armed towers across each level in order to wipe out these dastardly creatures. During each game you must keep your eye on the towers and keep upgrading and repairing them. You must be strategic because you need to wait a few seconds between each repair/upgrade you make.

Besides the towers, OTTTD includes 'hero' characters, which you deploy on the battlefield to help the effort against the weird guys, much like in Kingdom Rush. Heroes can be upgraded with new weapons and trained with skills as you progress through the game.

This mechanism adds a more strategic element to the gameplay and keeps you interested as you progress through the levels, building up your army.

Playing through the levels themselves is fun, but at times you'll find yourself waiting around with not much to do as you sit tight and let your towers rip.

Take control

I've always found that the touch screen is a great format for tower defense, and OTTTD doesn't disprove that. The game is controlled in a very natural way: tapping towers to repair or upgrade them, tapping to select a hero then again to move him, and placing towers by tapping the 'x' icons.

There's interactive help right through the start of the game so you won't be confused by the gameplay or by the upgrades and RPG elements of OTTTD.

You'll have a blast

The presentation of OTTTD is great fun. It's like a crazy experiment where someone has mixed every 80s action movie with all the horror games that have ever been made, then turn it into a cartoon, then made it into a tower defense game. It's bonkers, but it's a lot of fun.

One of the best parts of OTTTD is the amount of gore in the game. Every creature you blast gets splatted on the ground and their mashed up remains stay there until the level has finished. This means you end up with some very messy levels, and destroying the pretty backgrounds with squishy innards becomes very addictive. Am I starting to sound like a serial killer? I blame the game.


If you're of a nervous disposition OTTTD isn't the right game for you. It's big, bold and very silly.



OTTTD 1.27